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Samsung Electronics Builds New Semiconductor Ecosystem,Three Strategies To Overtake Intel

Form: Central Daily News 2019/12/25 Browse:601 Keywords: Samsung Electronics semiconductor ecosystem

  According to the Korea Central Daily News,Samsung Electronics is producing system semiconductors that do not need to pay patent fees to companies in other countries。Before,12month13day,Samsung held in Silicon ValleyRISC-VThe summit said it would adoptRISC-VArchitecture5GMillimeter wave RF chip,And use it in Samsung smartphones to be released next year。Next,SamsungAIImage sensors will also useRISC-VArchitecture,And will be used in the production of cars。

  Samsung is the fourth publicly adopted company in the worldRISC-VArchitecture company,Before,Western Digital announces that it will RISC-V Architecture applied to all future products;Nvidia announces RISC-V Architecture used for GPU Memory controller;Qualcomm announces that it will RISC-V Architecture for mobile SoC。In view ofArmHigh licensing fees,Samsung turnsRISC-VArchitecture can save a cost,Can also reduce some restraints in the competition with Intel。


  Reviews from industry sources,Samsung is building a new semiconductor ecosystem。The goal of Samsung Electronics is to2030Surpassed Intel to become the largest company in the semiconductor industry。

  Samsung Electronics as the world's largest storage semiconductor manufacturer,Started late in the field of system semiconductors,As global demand for storage semiconductors slows,Samsung decides to invest in system semiconductors,With Intel、Qualcomm waits。

  Samsung Electronics proposes three major strategies:Independent production of critical system semiconductors、Independent developmentNPU、withAMDCooperateGPUDevelop。The goal is to2030Became a double global number one in storage and non-storage years ago。

  A Samsung Electronics employee said,Samsung will actively useRISC-V Architecture,onlyRISC-VBecome finer,APDevelopment of high-spec semiconductors such as。



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